CANFAR's 30 Days for 30 Years: Day 24

CANFAR's 30 Days for 30 Years

DAY 24

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This June marks the 30th anniversary of the first diagnosis of AIDS. 30 Days for 30 Years is CANFAR’s month-long commemoration of this anniversary. Throughout the series, we will be providing you with photos, videos and statistics from AIDS over the past three decades.

To help us ensure that we do not reach 60 years of this disease, share 30 Days for 30 Years with your friends. Facebook and Twitter are great tools to utilize.

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  • Many important breakthroughs over the yrs have occurred right here in #Canada! [VIDEO] #HIV #AIDS #hivcan
  • @CANFAR has supported breakthroughs in prevention, treatment, quality of care, psycho-social research & co-infection.
  • The impact of research via @CANFAR. [VIDEO] #HIV #AIDS #hivcan