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The Catalyst | Tri-Annual Print Newsletter

The Catalyst | Tri-Annual Print Newsletter | September 2016

Research advancements have transformed HIV from a death sentence to a manageable disease, but it may have also led to complacency in the global community despite the millions of people affected.

In this issue of the Catalyst, CANFAR President & CEO Christopher Bunting reports from the International AIDS Conference, held this year in Durban, South Africa. The message from conference delegates: complacency is the new conspiracy.
Also in this issue, CANFAR Youth Ambassador Muluba Habanyama in conversation with board member Leeanne Weld Kostopoulos; where we stand in the search for a cure; and looking ahead to a busy season of events in support of HIV and AIDS research.
We’re also pleased to introduce the newest members of the CANFAR team!
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