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Corporate Partner Spotlight

CANFAR thanks two of its corporate partners for supporting life-saving Canadian HIV and AIDS research.



There are more than a hundred corporate, media, and private partners doing incredible work behind the scenes to support HIV and AIDS research and awareness. These individuals and groups make it possible for CANFAR to fund research initiatives, host fundraising events, and lead awareness programming. We shine the spotlight on two of them in this issue of Catalyst.




Toronto Life



We’re so pleased to welcome Toronto Life to the CANFAR family. In 2016, Toronto Life signed on as a media sponsor for Bloor Street Entertains, our annual gala and Canada’s largest fundraising event in support of HIV and AIDS research. Devoted to coverage of living in Canada’s wealthiest and most dynamic metropolis, Toronto Life helps readers understand and engage in the life of their city. Welcome aboard, Toronto Life!




Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life



Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life (GWL) have been long-time and generous supporters of CANFAR. GWL has provided funding for CANFAR’s innovation research grants. Most recently, GWL funded research by Dr. Sarah Flicker, who is exploring the differences in HIV community engagement programs through photography. Keeping people living with HIV on treatment remains one of the greatest challenges to service providers; Dr. Flicker’s research could provide insights on best practices for shaping accessible care. Our sincerest thanks for supporting this work.

Story by Debbie Osske, Director of Events & Stewardship

Posted Tuesday March 28, 2017