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Research advancements have transformed HIV into a chronic, manageable disease. Treatment, however, is a daily, life-long regimen from a person living with HIV. In Canada, the cost of treating HIV of one person's lifetime is estimated to be $250,000.


A cure is essential to ending HIV and AIDS. CANFAR has invested over $8.5 million in cure research, including a promising national research collaboration studying new approaches to curing HIV infection.




Dr. Eric Cohen | CanCURE + Dr. Hugo Soudeyns | EPIC 4

Developing Strategies towards a functional HIV cure; exploring if early initiation of HIV medication can cure HIV for children infected at birth

The CanCURE and EPIC4 project are a partnership with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the International AIDS Society. This five-year project is a research collaboration to develop strategies towards a functional HIV cure, engaging a large number of leading Canadian HIV researchers.



Dr. Nicole Bernard

Developing ways of testing HIV treatments

Montréal, Québec



Dr. Andrew Mouland

Studying how the body destroys HIV from within

Montréal, Québec



Dr. Mario Ostrowski

Assessing a safer way to vaccinate individuals to fight HIV

Toronto, Ontario



Dr. Zabrina Brumme

Exploring natural sources of HIV treatment

Burnaby, British Columbia