Cycle 30

In our 30th year, CANFAR recognizes that the needs of people living with HIV, and the realities of HIV research in Canada, have changed since the inception of our Foundation. This is a direct outcome of the significant advances made by researchers, care providers, and AIDS Service Organizations, all of whom have worked tirelessly in the fight against the virus.

CANFAR is committed to using its finite resources to ensure maximum research impact, and as such we are currently reviewing the scope and focus of our research activities in light of the ever-changing landscape. We are undertaking this review in conjunction with the CANFAR Scientific Advisory Committee, Board of Directors, and the CANFAR-funded National Working Group on HIV & AIDS Research.

In light of this review, CANFAR is postponing its Cycle 30 new research RFP. Early in 2018, we will be announcing details of our Cycle 30 RFP, as well as providing more information about the Foundation's research priorities and direction.

We thank you for your ongoing support of CANFAR’s mission, and our aspiration to fund the highest quality of priority research needed to end HIV.



All application inquiries can be made to Cameron Dunkin, Senior Manager, Research, Awareness Programs and Office of the President,, 416-361-6281

CTN Postdoctoral Program 

We are also proud to support the CTN Postdoctoral Awards program. We encourage MDs who have completed their medical residency program, or those who have completed their PhD to apply. Full information can be found here.