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Advances in treatment have helped ensure that people living with HIV can have long and healthy lives. However, treatment can have many side effects and people living with HIV can face multiple barriers to accessing treatment and care. Of the nearly 37 million people living with HIV, only 17 million are receiving treatment. Research is still needed to improve the effectiveness of drugs and improve access to and quality of health care for people living with HIV.


CANFAR has funded over $7 million in research related to HIV treatment and care, contributing to breakthroughs that include the development of modern and life-saving HIV treatment. 




Dr. Sarah Flicker

Exploring the differences in HIV community engagement programs through photography

Toronto, Ontario

This research is generously funded by Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life

Great-West Life, London Life, and Canada Life



Dr. Stephanie Nixon

Determining best practices for practically supporting people living with HIV in Zambia

Toronto, Ontario



Dr. Michel Tremblay

Discovering how HIV hides in the body

Québec City, Québec



Dr. Lena Serghides

Identifying the effects of HIV medication on development of a fetus

Toronto, Ontario